2020 Ottawa region coffee run

2020-10-17 @ 19:23 – 20:23
Sebastien Gauthier
2020 Ottawa region coffee run

Please contact Robert Batsch for details  ott.social@rennsport.ca

One last time this year, But with big precautions!!! This season coming to an end and Covid is still in full force. Precautions are still in place. Sebastien Gauthier is leading the last run and it will avoid city commercial establishments. Sebastien is planning for a small short Prescott-Russell run that will drive along the river and a cut trough Larose Forest.
Note to all bring your own coffee & nibbles for the break. The event will take place “rain or shine” but the coffee/bio break will be just bio if it is too wet.
If you still have concerns about your health and safety after reading the details below, we recommend that you not attend this event, or return home when the rest of the group attends the picnic.
For this event COVID-19 Guidelines, in effect throughout the day.
– At the meeting point please stay with in reach of your car and one of the member will walk around to get all the signature required.
-Also there will be a plan stop to make sure we are all together but we will ask everyone to stay in their car but pit stop will be available.
– Maintain a physical distance of 2 metres from anyone NOT in your household /
– If you are feeling ill please stay home.
– Bring a facemask
• Waivers: Two legal waivers are required to be signed this year:
The regular waiver which must be signed in person at every event – PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN PEN;
A new one-time COVID-related waiver which you must print at home, sign and bring to the event if you have not completed one yet. It can be found here: https://emailer3.pca.org/…/PCACommunicableDiseaseWaiver
• Time: We will meet at 8:00 a.m. Saturday October 17th with Driver’s talk at 8:15am. (You may want to have a bite to eat before you leave home!).
• Location: Gloucester SilverCity Cinema (North side), 2385 Ogilvie Rd. Walmart will close-by if need something before we leave.
Drive details:
• This will be a nice drive. As always, getting to the twists requires some highway first, but after that there will be a need to concentrate for reasonably long stretches.
Groupings: There is plenty of room for us to spread out and ensure that our groups of 10 members are well spaced out, and that our cars are not all parked together. We want to avoid other members of the public alleging we are too close together.
General Coffee Run safety rules: (same as in past years)
• No passing each other: participants are not allowed to pass other participants in the Coffee Run, (although we can pass other slower cars who are not in our group);
• Wait for the car behind you when you turn: if the car behind you has fallen out of sight and the route turns onto another road, wait at the turn so the next car can see that they should turn too.
• Drive your own drive: don’t drive faster than you are comfortable. It’s not a race – the car in front of you will wait at the next turn so that you don’t get lost.
Not mandatory, but if you have a walkie-talkie, please bring it. We run on Channel 1, subchannel 2. It helps to know if the group is together.
Also, please gas up before the event.