Notes techniques – Très important

Recommandation pour les harnais de sécurité

Rennsport recommande que tout harnais de sécurité non original soit inspecté régulièrement afin de déceler des signes d’usure ou de détérioration. De plus, les courroies de ces harnais doivent être remplacé tel que recommandé par le manufacturier ou au maximum 10 ans après la date de manufacture indiquée sur le SFI. Continuer la lecture de « Notes techniques – Très important »

A New Way To Drive – Vision

“You’re going to learn something that only about a hundred people in the whole world know how to do” .. said Bill Buff of Driving Dynamics. “I’m going to teach you how to see properly”.

So began our classroom session at the Rennsport Region Instructor’s Day. Rennsport invited Bill and his partner Marv Ungarman to teach us their remarkable techniques because several of our members met them at Watkins Glen while getting check rides. They were so impressed that they suggested we ask them to help us with our own teaching program. Seven instructors were chosen by lottery and I was one of the fortunate few. Our mission was to learn everything we could and prepare to teach other instructors (and our students) next year.

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