Rendez-vous October 1999 – The Tires!

RSR Rendez-vous October 1999

The Tires!

This is written only days after the August DEW. For once, I felt lucky. I
had omens of great portent, for example, I dropped a slice of bread and it
landed butter side up! On Saturday I had a student. Her power steering
decided to let go as we turned around the tower onto pit lane – before we
went on the track!

At the draw, Michel Galarneau (MC for the festivities) called me to the mic
to announce the winners of gift certificates for Pirelli Tires.

I figure this is it, and mic in hand I read out the lucky numbers. We get to
the big prize, $400 bucks on a set of Pirelli’s. The ticket is drawn …
tension builds, I see the first two digits are the same as mine, I peer
closely and …it isn’t mine. I’m hoping the winner has gone home, or has
fallen asleep. This was a possibility because Michel did not sing. 

With but faint hope, I announce the number. A commotion breaks out beside 
me. Mike Galarneau claims he’s won! My reaction was “yeah-sure”. Knowing 
that he’s a practical joker, I ignore it, hoping that the winner isn’t in the 
room. He proudly presents the matching ticket and I realize that this is 
not a crude practical joke, it is merely a cruel joke. So that’s how I didn’t 
win the tires last weekend either. For those who were there, I apologize for 
the bad French word I used to express my displeasure. 

Much worse luck!

I expected Jerry Pantis to be at the August DE showing off his new car.
Jerry went all the way to LA to find a 964 RS America. For those who don’t
know, Porsche produced a very limited series of Carrera 2 cars designed for
Auto-cross and time trials. The car came with all the performance options
as standard and weighed in a couple of hundred pound less than the normal
car. I suspect that Porsche snuck in a few other tweaks because every one I
have ever seen has been very quick. The RSA production numbers were very
low and they are hard to find. Hence Jerry’s pilgrimage to the West Coast. 
Jerry spent a week there making sure the car was absolutely perfect. He
drove it back to Montreal. A day or so later, he stopped at West Island
Mall to run an errand. He was away from the car for 30 minutes. In the
interim his car had been stolen.

Rob Martin’s Awesome RSR::

I couldn’t make it to Parade. The recent DE was my first opportunity to see
Rob Martin’s 911 RSR. He’s been working on it for a couple of years and
finished it in time for the summer. Did he drive it? Nope. He put the thing
in a giant baggie and kept it pristine for the Parade Concours. Rob won two
divisions I’m told. I can see why. I have never seen such immaculate work
and attention to detail. Wow. Of course he drove it last weekend during DE
so it isn’t quite as pristine as it was. On the other hand, after the first
few laps of the track he stopped spewing Q-Tip residue from the undersides. 
It was nice driving behind him though, no stinky exhaust, instead the smell
of lemon pledge predominated. His plate is neat “PCA – RSR”.

New Porsche Prices:

John Raymond. tells me that the rumors of GT3 cars for Canada continue to
circulate and are starting to take on the sound of truth. Wow, wouldn’t that
make the perfect sports car?

For those of you who are looking to buy new cars, here’s the run down on
Porsche Prices for 2000 models.

Boxster $59,012
996 Coupe $96,0020
996 Cab $109,747
996 C4 Coupe $103,991
996 C3 Cab $117,703

Prices are up only 1 percent over last year which is not bad. I’ve left out
the Tiptronic models. If you really want one you should call a Rennsport
Region Director for intensive counseling and figure on about $4,500 more for
the option. The Boxster “S” price is not fully official but it will be
$9,000 more than the regular version putting it around $68,000. Some
equipment which is optional on the Boxster is standard on the “S” so it’s
difficult to make a complete analysis.

All the new cars come with “drive by wire” which Porsche calls “E- Gas”. Your
gas pedal is no longer connected mechanically to the engine. Instead it
sends electrical signals to the engine management brain which changes the
engine output with digital pulses. This system was first introduced on the
996 C4 and now finds it way throughout the model lineup. I suspect it has to
be in place for Porsche to fit the optional Stability Management system.
Let’s hope that the engine computer does not use Microsoft Windows. The
words “my computer crashed” could take on a far more serious meaning.

I hate to mention this but .. Winter Storage Tips:

– Fill your fuel tank full to reduce condensation. Otherwise you will end
up with water in your gas tank. This is bad when it makes the tank rust
through and you end up with 70 liters of hi-test in the trunk and passenger
compartment. Ask me how I know.

– Add the required amount of gasoline stabilizer (ounces per gallon) to the
fuel tank and run the car for 15 to 20 minutes to circulate it throughout
the fuel system. You can buy this stuff at any auto store (Canadian Tire). 
While you’re running the engine, turn on your A/C to give the internal seals
a last lube. If it’s too cold outside for the compressor to come on, try and
drive around an underground heated garage for a few minutes.

– Disconnect the negative lead of the battery. Tape it up so it can’t
short the hot lead. If you don’t do this, expect to buy a new battery in the
spring. Cars with EFI and alarm systems draw current even with the ignition
off and your battery will be dead in 3-4 weeks without recharging. Leave it
for two months or so and you’ll reverse one or more cells and the battery is

– Alternative to the above is to buy a battery maintainer. This is a low
current charger. One end plugs into a 110 VAC outlet and the other goes
into your cigar lighter socket. It provides a trickle charge which is just a
little more than the car’s system consumes. If you go this route, buy good
one. Some of them can overcharge the battery, dry out the electrolyte and
you will still need a new battery in the spring. 

– Add about ten pounds more air than factory spec to your tires. This will
help prevent flat spots, compensate for any very slow leaks and the loss of
pressure caused by lower temperatures. From summer to winter, your tires
can lose ten pounds of air pressure.

– Wash the car. Waxing is also a good thing. A car cover is a really good
thing if you have one.

– Wad up some paper towels and put one under each wiper arm to keep the
wiper edge a little above the glass.

– If your storage apace is secure, close the doors and trunk lid only to the
first catch. This will prolong the life of your rubber seals. Check to make
sure that no interior or trunk lights are on. 

– Write yourself a note in big marker saying “Exhaust Pipe and Air Intake 
Blocked – Remove Before Starting”. Put it where you can’t miss it. Spray
WD- 40 liberally into your tail pipes and then stuff them with wadded up
rags. If rodents are a possibility add some bronze wool to the mix or,
substitute aluminum foil. Do the same for the air intake inside the engine
compartment. If you have a Turbo, write a longer note and take care of
those inlets too. At least one Club member had to rebuild his engine
because he didn’t notice that squirrels had built a nest in his oil-cooler.

– Give the leather a Lexol or Hide-food treatment. It takes about ten
minutes, wipe-on wait a minute and wipe-off. Not only will this restore the
leather it prevents the hides from drying out over the winter. Do not use

– If you have a cover, bid your car goodnight and tuck it in. 


…Porsche – cars, trucks, bikes; why don’t they make skis?

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