About RSR

Rennsport Region is one of the eight Canadian regions of the Porsche Club of America (PCA). Given our location in eastern Canada and western Quebec, we enjoy the fellowship and cooperation of both English and French speaking Canadians. Our monthly newsletter, contains articles in both French and English and our events continue to demonstrate how both cultures can share and learn from each other.

Now over 30 years old, the club has grown from a small group of dedicated enthusiasts, meeting for autocrosses and pot-luck suppers in Ottawa, to over 600 registered Porsches and their proud owners spread throughout eastern Ontario and Quebec.

Rennsport hosted the first international Porsche Parade in 1999 at Mont-Tremblant. These week long conventions, known as “Parades”, have been held continuously for the last 44 years in the continental United States. Given the growth and enthusiasm of the Canadian segment of PCA, we felt it was long overdue to invite our American cousins to come north to our part of the world. Judging from the responses, it appears to have been a huge success.

Rennsport has emerged from the two years of Parade planning and the thousands of volunteer hours, as a strong group of Porsche enthusiasts who continue to maintain the fellowship, co-operation, and good fun that has characterized the club over the last 32 years.

If you’re thinking of joining us, you should know that Rennsport is about events where friendship, social activities, driving skills practiced in a non competitive environment are paramount. Membership in Rennsport will introduce you to a great group of new friends, provide technical information about your Porsche, offer you courtesy discounts on parts, and introduce you to a wide variety of events.


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