DE Registration

DE Registration Procedure

Rennsport will use, like most of PCA.  If you have signed up for events at Watkin’s Glen you’ll know about it, in fact if you registered for events with CVR or NER at Le Circuit you had no choice but to use it. is an online automated system which lets you find and register for events in almost all the regions of PCA.  Once you have created an account and filled in your information registering for an event with Rennsport or another PCA region takes only a few seconds.


Registration for all Rennsport events opens March 1st. Here’s an idea of how it works :

1.    Using your browser, go to
2.    If this is your first time, you’ll need to create an account. Simply pick a user-name and a password. Push the “create” button.  If the name is already in use, you’ll be told, and you can try another one.
3.    Then, you need to create your profile. Click on the Edit Profile button. You’ll see a number of options. Fill in your Personal Info. That’s your name, phone number, email and so on.  Then your car info, driving experience (resume) emergency contacts etc. Be sure to fill in your car number used for DE. If you are a new comer and don’t have a number, one will be assigned to you.
4.    Now you’re ready to register ! Use the “Search for events” button and pick Rennsport from the list of clubs/organizations. You will see details on all our events. Signing up is a simple as selecting an event and pressing a few buttons.
5.    Note the dates of the event and the closing date – that’s the last day you can register for the event.  You can sign up for any event that’s open and your account will be charged only about 5 weeks before the event itself.   This is a good way to reserve a place at future events.

It pays to register early since last season several events at Le Circuit sold out rather quickly. 

You’ll notice that when you register, you won’t be able to pay for the event(s). Don’t panic! Around five weeks before the event, you’ll receive an email asking you to go back to Clubregistration and pay for the event. At that time you’ll see the option and you’ll be able to pay with a credit card.  All charges are in Canadian dollars.

We hope you enjoy the new system and the money you’re saving !