Staging Duty Procedures

Staging Duty Procedures

When you are on staging duty, you control which cars are allowed onto the track, in accordance with the guidelines set out below. If you have ANY doubt as to whether a given car should be allowed out, call the tower for a decision.

The tower will keep you advised (by two-way radio) or the Track communication system of what is happening on the track, will let you know when the checkered flag is out, and will give you the signal to let the cars out onto the track one by one. The track is then a HOT TRACK – NOBODY is allowed across the track except between runs and with the permission of the tower.

When the cars are in staging please check:

1. Cars should be grouped in two lines with space between them to allow vehicular access to the owner’s paddock. No cars should be parked in the staging area.
2. The car is in the appropriate run group.
3. Both windows are rolled down.
4. Sunroofs, Targa and convertible tops, and hoods and rear lids are closed.
5. There is nothing loose in the car.
6. The numbers on the car are legible.
7. The tires have enough tread for traction in the wet.
8. If a car has two occupants, one must be an instructor (check bracelet).
Instructors may take passenger out in other groups with permission.
Two people are permitted out in the Red run group only if both are instructors.
9. Car occupants have on long sleeved shirts (not rolled up) and long pants.
10. Car occupants have their helmets on

Just Before Cars are let out on track

1. Both windows are fully open
2. Belts and Helmets are secure
3. Long sleeves are rolled down


1. Central will communicate all instructions.
2. To talk press the rubber pad on the upper left of the radio
3. If you have a question press the talk button and call central identifying yourself as “staging”


1. An Instructor or instructor in training must be driving
2. The passenger must be 18 or over and wearing long sleeve shirt and long pants

N.B. for Le Circuit Mont Tremblant

Due to the 30 car limit for all run groups, please check with the tower before letting non run group cars onto the track.