Our Events


Rennsport loves to socialize! We have monthly dinners in Montreal and Ottawa, all year around, and get caught up on what everyone is doing. We also have special-occasion dinners, such as anniversary celebrations, giving us a chance to dress up and enjoy the good life!
Cars & Coffee

Members enjoy bringing their Porsches to a local parking lot on a Sunday morning and exchanging stories over a cup of coffee. Low-key, no judges, Cars & Coffee brings out the whole range of Porsches for everyone to admire and learn about!
Advanced Driver Education

lcmt 052008 20100113 1853721513Find out how your Porsche was designed to be driven! The club organizes a series of Advanced Driver Education (“ADE”) getaways to track facilities where participants learn the skills to drive their Porsches like pros, under safe and controlled conditions. ADE events are typically two- or three-day sessions. For more detail, see “ADE Info”.

  Driving tours
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What could be more appealing than driving your Porsche on a picturesque route to a destination lunch with a group of people with the same passion as you? Rennsport organizes single-day (we call them “Coffee Runs”) and multi-day tours where you can enjoy relaxed driving along roads that are hidden gems.