IT Promotion Criteria

IT Candidates:

  • Are normally drawn from the Black run group and usually have at least one year of experience in that group.
  • Any Level 2 Instructor may propose a candidate for evaluation as a potential IT.

Assuming there is a need for additional instructors and a Senior Instructor available to train the candidate, an arm’s length evaluation of the candidate will be performed by one of the Chief Instructor Team, i.e. Chief Instructor, Chief Driving Instructor or Chief Teaching Instructor. Said evaluation must be performed by someone unassociated with the candidate both personally and professionally to ensure fairness.



  • Drive the line flawlessly and consistently lap at speed using “Vision”.
  • Demonstrate exemplary smoothness in all inputs to the car.
  • Demonstrate seamless heel and toe downshifts and trail-braking.
  • Be able to talk to a passenger explaining corners and techniques while driving at speed.
  • Carry adequate momentum through slow and fast corners.
  • Be able to explain weight transfer and cornering techniques.
  • Show a good attitude, personality and possess good social skills.
  • Have a clean driving record at DE events for a full season (without incident, loss of control or Black flag for rules violation).
  • Commit to attend and teach at a minimum of 50% of the DE events per season.
  • Understand his or her responsibilities to a student and the teaching program.


Not all candidates will progress as rapidly as others. Some will not graduate from the program. While this is the most unpleasant task of the Instructor Training Team, please understand that being accepted into the program is not a guarantee of success.

Once in the program, an Instructor Trainee is required to maintain a clean driving record with no incidents of loss of control or rules violations. Should any such incident occur, depending on circumstances, various sanctions may apply ranging from a temporary suspension to being dropped from the program.

Rennsport Instructors will work within a Two-Tier Instructor System. Newly graduated instructors from our development program will become Level 1 instructors. As such they will be limited to teaching in Green and White only. We expect that these instructors will progress to Level 2 and be able to teach advanced students within two years of consistent participation and involvement. Depending on the number of participants, Level 1 instructors without a student may be assigned to the Black run group.