As a member of Rennsport Region and the PCA, there are many activities in which you can participate, including: 

Driver’s Education Events

• DE Days

Learn to drive your Porsche as it was intended, in the safety of a non-racing track environment with our knowledgeable Driver’s Education instructors.

• Tech Sessions

Whether you’re a DIYer, or just interested in learning a little more about your Porsche, Tech Sessions can run the gamut from track practical knowledge to how to get the swirl marks out of your paint, and everything in between!

• Regional events

Including concours, autocross, driver’s education, rally, tours, and much more. 

Social & Social Driving Events

• Saturday morning “Coffee Runs” 

Because driving your Porsche is a pleasure we all share!  The Ottawa group meets up at least one Saturday morning a month during the fair weather season, where we go on a group drive with a breakfast or lunch together.  Montreal and Quebec City will have their own schedule. 
We drive rain or shine!

• Sunday “Cars & Coffee”

Come on out and meet up with your fellow club enthusiasts!

• Monthly Dinner Socials

Come on out on the 1st Tuesday of each month for the Ottawa Group, and the 3rd Tuesday of the month for the Montreal Group.

• Club-sponsored gatherings

Including Porscheplatz events at select United SportsCar Championship races

• National PCA events

Porsche Parade, Treffen North America, and Werks Reunion etc.

• Special Events

Gatherings, parties, road trips, and much more!

• Group tours to Germany

Unique PCA member access to the Porsche factory

• Porsche Museum

Visit the Porsche museum or take a factory tour and get a discount

• Access to exclusive Princess Cruises offers

PCA’s official cruise vacation partner, including world-leading itineraries across a fleet of 15 elegant ships sailing to more than 330 global destinations.  (Details  here

Full access to

• Tech Q&A

Where PCA’s technical experts will answer all of your Porsche-related questions

• Valuation Program 

To help members establish the value of their Porsches for insurance purposes

• Access to and use of The Mart

PCA’s members-only marketplace (Test Drive members may view ads, respond to ads, and place a wanted ad.)

• Mart Fresh News

Monthly opt-in subscription e-newsletter featuring news and information geared toward the Porsche new and used car market. 

Perks and Goodies

• Panorama magazine 

This magazine is exclusive to club members, and delivered to your home mailbox!

• Discounts on parts and apparel

10% off parts and accessories at your local Porsche dealer and retail shops at the Porsche Experience centre

• Discounts at Pelican Parts

PCA Members get 10% off your next order at Pelican Parts. This is the Porsche Club of America’s new-and-improved website on traditional and mobile devices, plus exclusive access to PCA’s bi-annual members-only raffle

• PCA logo decals

Free PCA logo window decals from the National PCA office and Rennsport

Get Involved!

Rennsport Region Porsche Club is powered by volunteers, and we’d love to have you join in the creation of fun and exciting events!  If you’ve never volunteered before, we need volunteers in so many areas that there is sure to be something that piques your interest.  Here are some great ways that you can get in on it:

REV Newsletter (includes REV Reminders)

• Submitting articles and photos
• Helping with the editing, publishing, and translation of the email
• Contact  Robert :


• Managing submitted articles (proofreading, editing etc.)
• Creating posts, surveys etc.
• Updating images and content (IT expertise is not required!)
• Designing additional features
• French or English translation
• Contact Alex:


• Event organizing volunteers (site planning, reservations, equipment management etc.)
• Day of event volunteers (Cones, flagging, starter etc.)
• Contact Stan

Coffee Runs

• Assisting with waiver signing
• Assisting with wristbands
• Being the middle car or last car
• Observer’s report
• Creating coffee runs (route planning, destination etc.)
• Contact  Bob

Special Dinners

• Booking restaurants and venues
• Joining the subcommittees on events (e.g. annual family day)
• Creating dining outings for the club
• Contact  Robert : 

Monthly Dinners

• Suggest alternative restaurants
• Make reservations for agreed-upon restaurants
• Picking up the swag
• Handing out tickets for the draw
• Contact  Robert :

Rennsport Merchandise

• Source suggestions for merchandise including quantities and pricing
• Design appearance of Rennsport Merch with suppliers
• Take charge of the order form and getting commitments, placing the order
• Setting up the payment site details (we already have the tools in place)
• Contact Bruno


• Join task team in selecting charitable recipients
• Help plan fundraisers for Rennsport charities
• Gather swag for draws and giveaways at fundraisers
• Write copy for the promotion of fundraisers
• Graphic art for promotion of fundraisers
• Become the liaison between Rennsport and the charities
• Work with the Treasurer for disbursement of fundraising efforts
• Contact Louise

Four Door Porsche Events

• Organize events that welcome family and dogs
• Suggest ideas for events that 4-door Porsche drivers might enjoy
• Plan overnight or destination events
• Join a task team to make four door events a regular occurrence.
• Contact Robert

As you can see, there are lots of ways that you can help build our club’s ability to create more for us all to enjoy. Just find your favorite area(s), reach out to the Directors listed for your category, and let them know you’re interested!

For full details of Rennsport Region activities, including how, when, and where you can get in on the fun (including the dates of Coffee Runs, Monthly Dinners, Drivers Education, etc…or perhaps even volunteer!) please visit our web site at:
Happy Driving–we’re glad that you’re part of the club!