Montreal – Souper – Dinner

Le souper de Montréal de retour sur la rive sud 

Le souper de Montréal a lieu ce mois-ci au réputé restaurant THE KEG ST-BRUNO

Veuillez confirmer votre présence avant mardi midi à Robert Oligny à ou 514-714-7832

The monthly Montreal dinner is back on the south shore

For the month of July, the Montreal monthly dinner will be held at THE KEG ST-BRUNO

To help coordinate with the restaurant please send an e-mail to Robert Oligny at: or phone 514-714-7832 if you plan on attending.

Apéro à 18h00 et souper vers 19h00.

Season kickoff 2019

Join us on Sunday May 5th at 11:30 for our 2019 season kickoff for a Brunch at the Chateau Montebello.

Please RSVP to Bruno via email, with the number of persons before April 21st 2019.

Cost; $46.00 per person + taxes and service ($60.82 including taxes)

We will have a special parking for our Porsche and a tent for socialising before and after the brunch.

Rennsport Ottawa Coffee Run June 11 2011

Rennsport Coffee Run June 11, 2011


Jun_11_Coffee_RunCoffee Run leaders are advised to drive their planned route a few days before the run to ensure that there are no unexpected surprises; and with good reason.

For a variety of reasons I got around to driving the route on Thursday evening. By 7:45 I’d made it about 5 minutes west of Lanark on County Road 12, then disaster struck. The road was completely torn up for widening construction.  I had to improvise in short order and then drive a new route that night.

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Ottawa Coffee Run June 19th 2010


  image002The weather forecast for Saturday June 19th was less than encouraging with the threat of thundershowers developing late in the morning.  Regardless, thirty optimistic individuals arrived at the Starbucks at the IKEA Mall on Pinecrest in a total of twenty-two Porsches.  This was the largest number of cars to take part in a Coffee Run in the last seven or eight years as I can recall.  A wide variety of Stuttgart’s engineering efforts were on hand ranging from the usual assortment of 911’s, (964, 993, 996, 997), 944’s, Boxsters, Boxster S’s plus a single 951 and 928.  

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Brunch du Lac à l’Eau Claire



Le dimanche 23 mai 2010, nous sommes allés bruncher à l’Auberge du Lac à l’Eau Claire.
Pour cette balade, nous étions 18 voitures pour 36 personnes.
Tous ont bien apprécié leur sortie avec le magnifique temps que nous avons eu cette journée-là.
Le succulent brunch y était pour quelque chose dans l’appréciation des participants.
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Ottawa Coffee Run – May 15 2010


By Bob Power

The May Coffee Run in the Ottawa area is traditionally the first of the season and is normally well-attended – first off, members are usually itching to get their cars out of storage and give them some exercise after a long winter and secondly, summer activities haven’t yet started to occupy weekend schedules.  This year, however, Paul Fecteau led the first-ever April Run, which was a howling success, so it was uncertain what kind of turnout we would have in May.  No need to worry- we had a great attendance with 15 cars and 23 members sitting down to breakfast.  And what an array of Porsches- 944s, Boxsters, and a variety of 911/Carreras from the early 1970s to present.  Also, Andy Evangelidas drove up from Montreal with his friend John for what may be another Ottawa Coffee Run first- a Cayenne.

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Ottawa Coffee Run 17-Apr-2010


The usual suspects met in late March for the annual RSR Ottawa coffee run organizers meeting. Having one extra volunteer, and with the an early spring looming, I floated the idea of starting earlier this year. So, it came to pass that we scheduled the first run for mid-April, the first Ottawa coffee run to be held so early. Yours truly was behind the wheel to organize the run.  I was tempted to pull an old run out of my bag of tricks, a run with a lot of twisty road that my neighbour and I drove on Easter weekend. However, it is a touch on the long side and I was expected back in Ottawa in the early afternoon. So, I started looking for other options. I had always wanted to find a way to do a loop on some of the inviting roads in Quebec, but couldn’t find one the right length.  While looking on Google Maps I found a nice loop made possible by an Ottawa river crossing I had not known about.  Finally, I had a plan, pre-drove the route and started getting the word out.

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Balade Tire-Bouchon 2008

Vignoble L’Orpailleur

Le temps qu’il fait est inespéré. Nous serons plusieurs aujourd’hui. Dans le paddock de Tim nous sommes trois à parler avec Philippe de son bike. Mine de rien je lance : ‘’ .. paraît que Porsche va lancer sa première moto en 2010. Mais là, avec le moteur en arrière de l’essieu genre 911.’’  L’ami Philippe entre en scène et ajoute : ‘’ Je sais. Elle va être écœurante. J’ai commandé une des trois destinée pour le Canada.’’ Notre victime, patée, s’exclame :’ c’est pas croyable ce qu’il ne font pas aujourd’hui ! ’’  Mon regard croise celui de mon complice qui affiche un sourire juste assez pour montrer une canine reluisante.

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