Updated DE Safety rules

Hello fellow Rennsport track addicts

PCA has updated the DE safety rules effective January 1, 2019. The specific rule change only affects DE participants that use harnesses during DE sessions. Starting January 1, 2019 DE participants using multi-point harness systems will be required to utilize a head and neck restraint (HNR) system, commonly referred to as a HANS device. The HNR must meet the standards of either SFI 38.1 or FIA 8858. This rule applies to all PCA Regional DE’s.

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Surviving Mosport

By Joe Lapin

In June, I had a glorious DE (Driver Education) session at Mosport, (Canadian Tire Mosport Park), with the Toronto UCR (Upper Canada Region) group. I had recently made several modifications to my car, and having enjoyed these dramatic improvements on the road, I wanted to test the changes on the track. I enrolled with my pal Terry, and though we are both ‘signed off’ drivers, we entered the instructed Yellow run group.

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Navigating the Learning Curve while descending the Slippery Slope

Navigating the Learning Curve

while descending the Slippery Slope

by Joe Lapin


As my first season of Driver Education came to a close, I reflected on the incredible journey of learning that I had enjoyed in the Rennsport DE events. At my advanced age of 66, developing a consuming passion is not an easy task. Many of my peers are overwhelmed with negative thought patterns of declining health, financial insecurity, marital issues, angst about their children, and many other sad topics. To the uninitiated, the experience of driving on a racetrack is an abstract fantasy, but for those fortunate enough to participate in DE events, their lives change irrevocably. To learn is to grow!

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Rennsport DE


 by Joe Lapin

 In 2009, after a lifetime appreciating sports cars, I finally decided to satisfy a long held dream, and acquire a red Ferrari. At age 7, my first Dinky toy was a Ferrari, and I spent my adolescence making Ferrari models, and reading about Wolfgang Von Tripps, Phil Hill, et al. Thereafter, owning a Ferrari was a lifelong dream, and a logical indulgence to make a reality.

After intense research amongst the various mechanics and experts that I knew, and as an industrial designer, it soon became obvious that a Porsche was a far superior product. In the 70’s, I had two 914’s, the baby Porsche, yet I had always lusted after a ‘real’ Porsche, a 911. I had been aware of the early 911’s tendency to oversteer, so I prudently convinced myself that an all wheel drive model was my best option.

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Joe Lapin’s Porsche Odyssey

In February, 2013, attaining 66 years of age, I had an epiphany, and realized how very little time remains. I did not feel this in a morbid, pessimistic mood, rather, I am now more motivated to avoid procrastination, which I consider to be the scourge of most mens’ existence. In this context, I embarked on a unique adventure that ultimately satisfied several of my long held desires. I fulfilled special dreams!  

An Introduction to Driver’s Education for Porsche Owners (Part I of II)


Written on April 30th, 2008 at 12:10am by 993C4S

When you mention you are heading to “driver’s ed” it makes it sound as if you are back in high school or, if you reside in a state that mandates it, to a punishment school for those who have been ticketed for speeding. 

Registration and Technical Inspection

The registration itself is a bit daunting. You are usually asked to complete registration, a medical form and a technical inspection form for your car. The registration will ask for general information about you and your car, including your address and the make and model of your automobile. FYI, when they ask whether you Continue reading “An Introduction to Driver’s Education for Porsche Owners (Part I of II)”

An Introduction to Driver’s Education for Porsche Owners (Part II of II)


Written on May 2nd, 2008 at 12:10am by 993C4S

Part I of this post introduced you to the concept of Driver’s Education, the registration and tech inspection process. Today’s post explores the rest of the experience from scheduling runs, classroom time and running laps.

Classroom Sessions

The schedule tells you when your “runs”(i.e., time on the track) and classroom sessions are. Most people who attend DEs want to spend time behind the wheel, not in a classroom. But classroom sessions can be beneficial and to a degree necessary to ensure safety. The first time you attend a DE, the classroom

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Introduction aux cours de conduite

Introduction aux cours de conduite

par Jeff Gailleur CCA 11-12 août 2001 – Boxster blanche no. 155


Les différentes régions membres du PCA (Porsche Club of America) organisent des évènements sur circuit appelés CCA (Cours de Conduite Avancée). La région RennSport dont je fais partie organise son CCA sur le merveilleux circuit du Mont-Tremblant (1h30 au nord de Montréal) qui a été refait neuf en Juillet 2001. Je me suis donc inscrit pour participer et enfin pouvoir utiliser ma voiture ce pour quoi elle a été conçue.

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